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Determiners (belirteçler) konu anlatımı
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determiners , belirteçler , konu , anlatımı

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Kıdem: 01-04-2009

DETERMINERS (belirteçler)
İsimden önce gelen ve onu niteleyen kelimelerdir. Sıfatın bir alt dalı olarak da incelenirler. Eğer ismi niteleyen bir sıfat veya sıfat grubu varsa onun da önüne geçerler; yani isim ve sıfat arasına girmezler.
a very big wall a big wall a wall
Ancak asla yan yana kullanılmazlar.Yani bir determiner bir diğerini niteleyemez.
Some of my friends, some of the friends (not some the friends veya some my friends)
Beşe ayrılırlar:
Articles : a/an, the
Possessives : my, your, his, her, its, your, our, their
Demonstratives : this, that, these, those
Quantifiers :
Modifiers and others:
A/AN(Indefinite article) ( tekil ve sayılabilen isimleri belirtir)
1. a ve an okunuşa göre belirlenir. Araya sıfat girerse onun okunuşu esas alınır. a baby, a university, a European
an apple, an hour, an MP, an old man
eğer a 2. just for singular and countable a milk (Yanlış) bottle of milk kastetilmediyse
I 3. nonspecific (özel olmayan-herhangi bir) need a book.
4. at the first mentioning
They live in a (ilk bahsediş) flat. The flat is very expensive.
The sun was hot, so he bought an ice cream.
There are books on the table. (plural)
There is tea in the bag. (uncountable)
A 5. one example of a class (tüm sınıfı temsilen) dog needs exercise. (=Dogs needs exercise)
6. to say what ST/ SB is
(bir Bill is a doctor. (profession) şeyin/birisinin ne olduğunu beyan için)
I am a student.
A dog is an animal.
I am an idealist.
Are you a good driver?
That was a bomb.
Jill is a really nice person.
7. Exclamation (Ünlem)
What a hot day! (Ne Eğer isim tekil ve sayılabilen ise. sıcak bir gün)
It was such a long gueue! (O kadar uzun bir kuyruktu ki!)
What silly boys! (Ne kadar aptal çocuklar!)
In certain phrases of They cost £25 a speed, ratio, frequency etc. (sıklık ve miktar belirtilerinde) kilo (kilosu 25 pound)
He drives at 60 kilometres an hour.
We eat three times a day.
8. Her a/an teklik ifade etmez. Bazı kombinasyonlarla çokluk ifade ederler. Yandaki hiçbir yapı teklik belirtmez. A few, a little, a lot of, a great deal of, a great many of, a couple of
I saw a couple of my friends, in the city centre yesterday. One of them was married whereas the other two ones were not.
9. Bazı rakamlardan önce one (=bir) anlamında. A hundred, a thousand, a million, a third (1/3)
( one is also possible but “a” is more common)
He cought a cold. 10. Bazı hastalıklarda
I have a headhache.
A Mr. Smith moved to this flat 11. Bilinmeyen, tanınmayan isimlerden önce last month.

1) One million = a million, a third=one third
2) We don’t need a box, we need a container. (a herhangi bir anlamında)
We don’t need one box, we need two boxes. (one bir adet anlamında)
3) “One” bir zaman diliminden önce kullanılırsa, bilinmeyen bir vakti kasteder.
One day he came early, another day he came late.
One winter the snow fell early. [A winter the snow fell early (Yanlış)]
One day, you’ll be sorry since you’ve treated him so badly.
4) One tek başına zamir olarak kullanılabilir ve çoğulu vardır, a/an isimsiz asla kullanılamaz.
“I need a rental car please?” “Which do you want, this one or those ones?”

THE (Definite article) tekil, çoğul ve sayılamayanları belirtmek için kullanılır.
Ann is in 1. specific (belirli isimlerden önce) the garden. Ann is in a garden.
The beds which are in this hotel are comfortable.
A bed which is offered by a hotel cannot be comfortable.
His car hit a tree. You can 2. For a second time mentioning still see the mark on the tree.
3. For a unique object (Bir tane ise “the” the moon, the earth, the sky, the stars alır)
The sun is a star.
The sky, the sea, the ground, the country
There are millions of stars in space.
I tried to park my car but the space was too small.
The possibility of visitors from outer space.
4. Before only, She is the only one who can speak French round here. end, beginning etc.
At the end of this month I may be a professor.
The 5. before SUPERLATIVE Nile is the longest river in the world.
You’re my best friend. [You’re my the best friend. (Yanlış)]
6. Before ordinal numbers (first, The first week was the easier. second, third etc.)
Your 7. Before same pullover is the same color as mine.
These two photographers are the same.
The small 8. Before a singular noun to show a class of ST. enterpriser is having a difficult time.
The whale is in a danger of being extinct
The disabled were 9. Before an adjective to mean a class of people. angry with the new law.
The university of the 10. the noun of the noun city= the city university
The university of London =London University
11. özel isimden önce,
(bahsettiğimiz-söz konusu vs. This is the Mr. Smith, whom we talked about yesterday. manasında)
12. the The more you read, the more you learn. comperative…the comperative
13. the She is the funnier of these two girls. comperative…of two…

Özel isimler:
Henry Smith Aile ismi:
The Smiths
President Clinton, Captain James Lakap (birisini kastederken, yalnız):
the President, the Captain
Şehirler, eyaletler, ülkeler, kıtalar:
Ankara, Utah, Mexico,
South America, North kıtaÞAmerica
ülkeÞSouth Africa, West German
topluluk ve birlik anlamı taşıyan veya çoğul isimli ülkeler:
the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union
the Netherlands, The Philippines
The___ of ___ şeklindeki yer-ülke isimleri:
the Republic of China
the District of Columbia
Mount Everest Sıradağlar:
the Himalayas
Coney Island Takım adalar:
the British Isles, the Canary Islands
Lake Superior, Lake Van Takım göller:
The Great Lakes
Palm Beach nehirler, denizler, okyanuslar, kanallar, çöller:
the Nile, the Black Sea, the Atlantic Ocean
the Suez Canal, the Sahara Desert
Tek coğrafik noktalar:
the Vatican, the South Pole
Sokak, cadde ve yollar:
Madison Avenue, Wall Street, Second Street Meşhur-tanınmış binalar
the World Trade Center, the Eiffel Tower
Okul konuları, ilmi branşlar
History, mathematics “Cinema”, “theatre” ve “bank” kelimeleriyle
I often go to the cinema but I have not been to the theatre for years.
Parklar ve meydanlar
Central Park, Broadway, Times Square Hayvanat bahçeleri:
the San Diego Zoo
North, South, East, West
southern Turkey Ülke, şehir, eyalet vs. bölge ve bölümleri:
the Southwest, the West Side, the Middle East
the North Pole, the South of Turkey
Bazı vakitler
İn the evening, in the morning, in the afternoon Bazı vakitler
At noon, at night
Özel isimle başlayan yer adları:
London university, Kennedy Airport Tamlama halindeki yer adları:
the University of London
Time, Newsweek, Life Gazeteler:
the New York Times, the Wall street Journal
Tatil isimleri:
Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day İstisna:
The Fourth of July
Günler ve aylar:
September, Monday Mevsimler (optional)
(the) Summer
Play football, play soccer Play+muzik enstrümanı
Play the drums, play the piano
English, French Ulus, milliyet:
The English, The French (İngilizler, Fransızlar)
Watch television Radyo
listen to the radio
AYRICA: Müzik grupları-korolar, otel, tren-uçak-gemi, sanat eseri, galeri-müze, sinema-tiyatro-sirk isimleri THE ile kullanılırlar.
The Beatles, the Beach choir, the Hilton, the Titanic, the Concorde, the Mona Lisa, The National Gallery, The British Museum, The Royal Shakespeare (Theatre), The ABC Cinema, The Piccadilly Circus

EXTRAS: A Japanese=Bir Japon
The Japanese= Japonlar. (Çoğul yüklem alır.)
1. I’m going to have Before meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper) lunch.
Hariç: eğer özel bir öğünse veya öğün niteleniyorsa (başına sıfat, sonuna relative clause vs.)
I’m preparing a special lunch for you.
I was invited to a dinner given the manager to welcome.
2. Before abstract Men fear death. nouns
3. Before plural nouns; to refer to a class of this I hate cars. I like bicycles instead.
4. Before “home” (home “the” almaz.) He is at home. He went home.
Fakat, isim nitelenmişse durum değişir
We arrived at the bride’s home.
The orphanage was the only home we had ever known.
He is on his way to work. 5. Before work (office anlamındaysa)
He is on his way to the office.
6. By taxi, by car, by train, by air, on foot I went to work by taxi.
I went to work in a taxi.
7. On air Now you are on air. (Şimdi yayındasınız)
8. Bed, Church, Court, Hospital, Prison, School, College, University

(Bu isimler varoluş amaçlarına uygun bir aktiviteye maruz kalıyorlarsa “the” almazlar. Dolayısıyla article’lı ve I went to bed early last night. (yatak article’sız halinin anlamları değişir.) uyumak için kullanıldığında)
I couldn’t reach the bed to take the knife on it. (yatak uyumak için kullanılmadığında)
-I went to hospital. –Oh, what’s the matter? Are you well?
-I went to the hospital. –For what reason?

my, your, his, her, its, your, our, their, Mehmet’s, the Smiths’

This, that
(tekil ve sayılamayanlar için) This apple, that tea
these, those
(çoğullar için) These people.
Those Japanese


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